An introduction to our

Community Development Programs

We are only as successful as those who are at the heart of our family business: our coffee pickers. Because of this, we passionately believe in providing the utmost quality care and support for our community of workers. We are committed to fostering a community built through both ethical working and living standards that support our workers even when their work hats come off. 

We support our community and their families as we guarantee housing for all. All employees are subject to salaries that start at the minimum wage as well as voluntary overtime is compensated at 100% of their normal salaries.

To ensure no workers are exploited to chemical poisoning on the fields, we have restricted and enforced the amount of times in which employees can handle chemicals. We are also committed to providing free access to our community clinic year round for both the workers and their families. 

As a family who passionately believes in the importance and the difference an education can make, we academically support all the kids of our community of coffee pickers through our k-12th family non-profit Catholic school, Centro Escolar Flor de Maria Rizo, located a walking distance from the fields. We are committed to empowering our community and supporting them at their core.

Fair and good working conditions

Workers have rights to free organization at all times. Housing is guaranteed for all workers that inhabit the property. All employees are guaranteed a salary that starts at the minimum wage. Voluntary overtime is compensated at 100% rates of their normal salaries. Our goal is to ensure all labor standards are met across our employed labor force.

Health and work safety programs

We have restricted times in which workers can deal with daily chemicals to ensure they are not being exposed to risks of chemical poisoning. To further ensure this, all workers that work with chemicals have designated showers to use on site after work.

Free community clinic

Our workers have free annual access to our community clinic to ensure their overall mental and physical health at any given time. All workers and their families have access to free medical help.

Pharmacy with access to free medication

Flor de Maria School

Don Tomás Coffee Supports Education for Children of the Farm Community Don Tomás farms also operate a pre-school to 12th grade, the Flor de María Technical School to educate farm and community children in mathematics, the sciences, literature and English. It is our hope that these girls and boys can one day find brighter futures outside the farm community and ultimately lift their families out of life long poverty through quality education.