We have grown and cultivated quality coffee you have been drinking for years. We have been selling to companies that roast, pack, and distribute our coffee like (Starbcuks, Nespresso, Peets, etc.), which allows us to control the quality of our coffees.

The Don Tomas® family farms practice socially responsible farming and uphold commitments to our environment and community. A portion of the revenues from the sales of Don Tomas® Coffee directly support the local community by funding housing, medical clinics, chapels and the Flor de María Vocational School. Don Tomas Coffee Company, LLC believes in giving back to the community and to the families that work together on Don Tomas® family farms.

Coffee is our passion

Five generations
of coffee farmers

High above the valley, hidden within the dense fog of the Jinotega rainforest, five generations of coffee farmers have dedicated their lives to cultivating only the best Arabica beans. With coffee grown at an elevation between 3200-4100 ft, the Don Tomas family has passionately devoted itself to sustainable coffee farming with a commitment to strengthening the community in which our coffee is grown and harvested.

Don Tomas coffee is proud to be a member of the Rainforest Alliance, as well as partnered with the Flor de Maria Rizo Vocational School. Our intimate and unique relationship with our land of Potrerillos allows us to support housing, healthcare, spiritual services, and educational opportunities for our community. The Don Tomas family is proud to work on  “Progress from the Source” through your contributions and our continued commitment to our home of Nicaragua

Our Vision

Don Tomas Coffee wants to produce better coffee for the Latinx community and the world, while protecting the future of our land, and help join together our diverse society.

Who we are

Don Tomas Coffee is a Latinx Specialty Coffee Company that provides innovative products with traditional latin american flavors, for coffee drinkers in search of quality while contributing towards a positive social, and environmental impact.

Upholding a century’s tradition of coffee farming by their father and grandfather, the Don Tomas Coffee family has continued the legacy as coffee growers in Nicaragua. With our family roots planted firmly in both Nicaragua and the Central Valley of California we roast our best coffees from the old world for the new and stay true to being a seed to cup coffee.

Our Mision

"We strive to improve our world through better coffee."

Provide high quality specialty coffee taking care of all details from seed to cup, because we are vertically integrated and sustainable at all stages. 

Great coffee from seed to cup

Los Potrerillos

High in the cloud forests of Jinotega, Nicaragua, at 4500 feet elevation, the farms of Don Tomas Coffee Company are passionately producing the perfect coffee. Great coffee does not happen by chance, but is developed with purpose and pride.

With attention to cultivation details, we nurture our coffee cherries under a canopy of abundant shade trees to achieve optimal flavors and sweetness.

Then we hand harvest and selectively process only the ripened red cherries to preserve every bit of the coffee’s natural fruitiness and brightness. The best of our coffee beans are then small-batch roasted to deliver an unforgettable drinking experience. A true seed-to-cup coffee, which makes the Don Tomas coffee truly unique.

Our Values

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Fresh coffee delivered direct to your door at your schedule.